Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.

Mako, vengeance is like an open wound.

Mako, vengeance is like an open wound.

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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Her Mother’s Daughter (Behind the Scenes): Sleeping on set!

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What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?
We can avenge them
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The Sims 4: Welcome to Willow Creek

I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence.
— Lea Seydoux talking about American films. (via tvshows-who-knows)

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I am scared of falling in love, of craving you every second of every day, of needing you, of being addicted to you. I am scared of missing you more than I can handle, of losing you and myself in you. I am scared of not being enough, and of seeing my insufficiency in your eyes.
— Romanshi, 05/05/14 (via larmoyante)
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Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be. In time all foul things come forth.

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dragon age fashioncassandra pentaghast, although she left fine silks and glittering jewels behind when she became a seeker, she takes her job as right hand to the inquisitor seriously and will always have their back, even if that means attending an orlesian ball or two (click on images to see designers)

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